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Dryers: How to Fix Oil Leaks During Dryer Operation


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Dryers: How to Fix Oil Leaks During Dryer Operation

With the development of economy, the application range of dryer is more and more extensive. They usually run for a long time and have a large processing capacity when processing materials. This leads directly to the use of the dryer. There are more or less large and small problems that affect the normal use of the device. Oil leakage is one of the more common problems in dryer operation. So, how can we avoid and solve this problem? I have the following suggestions for you:



(1) During the operation, due to the failure to clean up in time, some oil holes on the oil pipeline are easily blocked by the slag of the material, resulting in an increase in the oil pressure in the oil pipe and an increase in the amount of oil. The amount of oil injected by the oil ring increases, and it is easy to splash. The exterior of the appliance can cause oil leaks both inside and outside of the entire dryer. Therefore, in this case, the equipment must be cleaned and cleaned in time to clear the injection holes.

(2) When injecting fuel, the fuel injection valve becomes large and the fuel injection amount is large. Typically, oil will drop from the injection holes onto some crankshaft inside the unit. At the same time, the operation of the equipment will cause oil pollution. Splash can cause dry quality and difficult handling of the equipment. In view of this situation, professional technicians must be required to fine-tune the oil injection link of the equipment to ensure normal lubrication of the equipment under the premise of normal oil injection and lubrication, without causing oil shortage and oil temperature to affect the equipment. Condition. There are also factors, because when the dryer is lubricated, the oil can be thrown out of the oil leakage ring, causing oil leakage throughout the unit. To avoid this, the dryer is located between the oil ring and the oil hole. The installation of the rubber plate completely isolates the splash from the oil. It is also possible to increase the total area of ​​the oil injection hole by replacing the parts of the entire equipment to ensure that the lubrication of the oil shaft will not cause blockage and oil leakage of the equipment.


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