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How to use a high-speed rotary pulverizer


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How to use a high-speed rotary pulverizer

High-speed rotary pulverizers are machines for fast, fine pulverization of soft to medium-hard materials and fibrous materials. Due to its high-efficiency comminution technology and a wide range of accessories, the secondary grinding of the pass-through and rotary knife-ring sieve system guarantees gentle sample preparation in a very short time.

Suitable for the following supplies: typical samples such as chemicals, medicinal seasonings, synthetic resins, coal, food, etc.



How to use the high-speed rotary pulverizer correctly:

1. After the box is opened, carefully check whether the high-speed rotary pulverizer is damaged during transportation, and then install the main machine, auxiliary machine and electric box to the position,

Then connect the pipeline between the main engine and the auxiliary organs to ensure the tightness of the connection of the pipelines. At the same time, each single machine, pipeline and flange are connected with wires and reliably grounded to avoid dust explosion caused by electrostatic sparks.

2. Before each single machine is tested and rotated, it is necessary to check whether there are metal objects in the high-speed rotating crushing machine. If there are metal objects in the inspection knife, they should be discharged immediately. Check the bolts of the high-speed rotary grinder to see if they are tight, if the belt tension is appropriate, and if the protective cover is reliable. Then carry out trial operation of each high-speed rotary pulverizer to observe and check whether it is normal.

3. Start each motor in the following sequence:

And close the air door → start the crushing machine → dust collector fan → grading device → closed air discharger → open the door → screw feeder.

4. After five minutes of empty car operation, the operator should carefully check the instruments on the control cabinet, and wait until the no-load current is stable before placing materials. After the high-speed rotary pulverizer is feeding normally, the current is not allowed to exceed 22A, otherwise the feeding amount should be reduced. If the current increases rapidly, the gate gate can be closed and the speed of the feeding variable speed motor can be slowed down. After the current is reduced, slowly open the gate to Appropriate opening. The filter bag should be kept from being blocked. If the current returns to less than 22A after closing the feed valve, the solenoid valve should be turned on to clean the filter bag after the machine is shut down (see below for the shutdown operation), after beating), stop the solenoid after beating Valve, restart according to the above 3 start-up sequence.

5. The normal shutdown can be carried out in the following order:

Close the hopper valve → stop the screw feeder → stop the high-speed rotating pulverizer after running for 5 minutes → stop the classifier motor → stop the dust collector fan → stop the closed air discharger.


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