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Briquetting machine: how to use straw briquetting machine


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Briquetting machine: how to use straw briquetting machine

Briquetting machine: It is a machine that uses a specific working medium to drive pressure and compress different raw materials. There are many types. The working medium of transmission pressure has two types: mechanical transmission and fluid transmission.


briquetting machine

The straw briquetting machine is mainly used to process wastes such as straw, straw, peanut shells, corncob and other crop straws, and can also be used as special equipment for processing wastes such as branches, bark and sawdust.

The straw briquetting machine can compress crop straw or crushed waste with a cut length (or soft silk) of less than 50 mm into a rod-shaped solid particle biofuel with a cross-sectional size of 30-40 mm and a length of 10-100 mm. The shaped particles have large specific gravity and small volume, which are easy to store and transport. They are high-quality solid fuels with a calorific value of 3200-4500 kcal. They are flammable, less ash, and low cost. The products of straw briquetting machine can be replaced. Firewood, raw coal and other fuels are widely used in heating, living stoves, boilers, biomass power plants, etc.

Cut or knead the straw or forage to be pressed, the length is less than 50mm, and the moisture content is controlled within the range of 10-25%. The material is fed into the feeding port by the feeding conveyor, and the roller is driven by the rotation of the main shaft. Rotation, and after the rotation of the pressing roller, the material is forced to be extruded from the model hole into a block, and falls from the discharge port. After cooling (the moisture content cannot exceed 14%), it is bagged and packaged.

The die form of the straw briquetting machine is the flat ring die. The structural characteristics of the straw briquetting machine are as follows: First, the motor drives the reducer to drive the main shaft to rotate, and then the main shaft drives the pressure roller to rotate. The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient; The radial gap between the roller and the mold is easy to adjust, which can ensure a proper gap between the two pressing rollers and the mold; the third is to add upper and lower electric heating rings, which can heat the ring mold and are conducive to material molding.


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