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Biomass Pellet Machine

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  • HL560 Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine

    The vertical ring die machine produced by our company absorbs the essence of foreign pellet machine. The “pressure wheel” is made of high alloy wear-resistant material. It has the characteristics of unique design, reasonable structure, high efficiency, long life and so on. The unit carefully developed the domestically established stereotyped products, which filled the blank of the national circular mold granulation vertical feeding and reached the international advanced level. This product is suitable for pressing materials that are difficult to bond and difficult to form. Such as: rice husk, sunflower seed shell, peanut shell and other melon and fruit shells, branches, tree stems, bark and other wood scraps, a variety of crop straw and other raw materials. It is applied to feed mills, wood processing plants, fuel plants, fertilizer plants, etc. It is the ideal compact compression molding equipment with small investment, quick effect and no risk.

  • Large Scale Biomass Comprehensive Wood Crusher

    The biomass crusher has a wide range of processing materials, such as wood, board, slats, round wood cores, architectural stencils, etc., as well as various non-wood materials such as various straws, cottonwood, and reeds. Wide range of applications. This machine adopts chain plate type intelligent feeding, which can automatically adjust the feeding speed according to the main motor load. It is the ideal equipment for biomass power plants to make the machine run at full load to avoid no-load operation, make the feed smoother and greatly increase production capacity.

  • High Efficiency Pulverizer

    Hanlong brand high-efficiency pulverizer series is a stereotyped product carefully developed by our company. It mainly smashes waste rubber, PVC foam board and various wood strips, straws, weeds, etc. The series of products are reasonable in structure, sturdy and durable, safe and reliable, easy to operate, small in vibration and high in efficiency. Mainly used in biomass, power generation, feed, organic fertilizer, Chinese herbal medicine, aquaculture, chemical and other industries.

  • Agriculture Straw Rotary Cutting Machine

    The straw pulverizer has convenient operation, small volume, small land occupation, labor saving, automatic feeding, continuous production and high output. Fully automatic lawn mower, only need two people to operate, saving you a lot of labor. It can be applied to the crushing of all straw materials. This machine adopts PLC control system to make the equipment running state more stable. This machine adopts automatic lubrication. The crushing effect of the machine can adjust the length and length of the raw material after crushing according to user requirements.

  • Drum wood chipper machine used for wood chipper

    Drum chipper is a special equipment for the production of wood chips. It is widely used in particle board factory, medium, high, density fiberboard factory, Straw crops, bio-power plant, wood chip factory, etc. and the preferred equipment before the preparation section in the production of the manufacturer. The product has advanced structure, good quality of cutting flakes, wide adaptability of raw materials and convenient operation and maintenance. The main raw materials for cutting are small-diameter wood, wood harvesting and processing residues, etc., and can also be used to cut non-wood raw materials (such as: sugar cane, bamboo, reed, etc.)

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