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Classic Granulator

This machine absorbs the essence of foreign granulators. The 'pressure roller' is made of high-alloy wear-resistant materials. It has unique design, reasonable structure, high efficiency in energy reduction and long service life. Features. It is a stereotyped product that our unit has carefully developed domestically, which fills the gap of vertical feeding of the national ring die granulation and has reached the international advanced level. This product is suitable for pressing materials that are difficult to bond and form. Such as: rice husks, sunflower seed husks, peanut shells and other melon and fruit shells; branches, trunks, bark and other wood scraps; various crop straws, etc. Used in feed factories, fuel factories, fertilizer factories, chemical factories, etc., it is the most ideal compression and densification molding equipment with small investment, quick effect and no risk.



Biomass Pellet Machine

Classic Granulator

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