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CCTV: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas Comprehensive utilization of straw will be rolled out from the pilot to the whole country

Straw is one of the three major agricultural wastes in China. How to deal with it has always been a problem that has plagued many sectors such as environmental protection and agriculture. On October 18, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held the “Northeast Regional Straw Treatment Action Field Exchange and Results Exhibition” in the northeastern region of the original straw burning and intensive area. The theme of the meeting was to summarize and exchange the experience and achievements of the straw comprehensive utilization pilot. Demonstrate the technical results and typical models of straw returning and field use, and clarify the next steps, key tasks and major initiatives. At the meeting, Zhang Taolin, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that at present, when comprehensive utilization of straw has reached an all-round advancement, it will be changed from pilot demonstration to full-scale deployment.

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that the general idea of ​​promoting the comprehensive utilization of straw in the current and future period is to take Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, adhere to local conditions, agricultural priority, local proximity, government guidance, and market. Operation, science and technology support, taking fertilizer, feed, and fuel utilization as the main direction, and improving the utilization system, introducing support policies, and strengthening safeguard measures as a means of promotion, forming a long-term mechanism driven by the government, driven by the market, and driven by the main body. Improve the industrialization level of straw utilization.

Open burning of straw in some areas has increased air pollution in specific areas during certain periods. To this end, China started the comprehensive straw utilization pilot program in 2016, and promoted 19 straw utilization technologies in the pilot provinces, and released the ten major models of straw agricultural use. At present, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in the country has reached 83.68%, and the eight pilot provinces have reached more than 86%.

The overall goal is that by 2020, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in the country will reach more than 85%; the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in Northeast China will reach over 80%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in 50% of key counties and cities will be stable at more than 90%; the phenomenon of open burning will be significantly reduced; Strive to achieve a perfect straw storage and storage system in the country by 2030, and form a comprehensive utilization and comprehensive utilization of straw industrialization pattern, and basically realize full utilization.


At present, China's straw ban has been enacted:

1. Whose straw is in charge of the house, burning and detaining plus a fine.

2. Who put a fire and sent it to the police station.

3. Go to the ground and put the fire in the detention center.

4. When burning straw, it is the day of fine detention.

5. Smoke in the ground, a fine of two thousand, and people go to prison.

6. Investigate the land by fire, check the people by land, and severely punish according to law.

7. The child is ignited and the adult is responsible.